Wednesday, August 17, 2022

The Armor Maketh the Toon

I've kind of had a thing for that Alliance Stormwind Guard --and the similarly armored Theramore Guard-- armor set.

It's just one of those things that you see in Classic long enough that you'd occasionally like to have as an RP set of your own.

Ah, these two. Don't ever change.

I suspect that the increased number
of women among the Theramore Guards
is due to who the ruler of Theramore is.

Well, I discovered some months ago that The Thorium Brotherhood person down in Gadgetzan had some specific armor recipes for sale...

As you can see, I've already gotten the
plans for a few of those pieces. There's
seven of them in all.

All for the price of a lot of Thorium bars, you can gain access to an armor set that is the spitting image of a Warcraft RTS plate armor set, the Imperial Armor Set. And that armor set just so happens to look a lot like the armor the Guards wear.

Yeah, it's pretty much a vanity set these days, but at least it's something I can collect in my spare time to give Linna that formal look that she always associated with the Knights of the Silver Hand. 

(Even though Paladin armor sets are quite different, but shh. Don't tell her.)

And when you think about it, there's very few people farming Thorium at the moment since people are trying to take advantage of the Joyous Journeys (tm) buff to level toons in preparation for Wrath Classic. So this works for me, and it gives me something to do while poking my nose into various Classic dungeons.

Maybe I ought to finish making a Seal of Ascension for some of my toons....



  1. Or you know, you could just play retail and get it from your WoD Garrison. And even transmog it. ^_-

    1. That would also require me playing WoD, whereas just farming some Thorium means I'll be done in a day. (I stopped playing Retail in late Mists.)

  2. That's a grand goal to work toward! Happy farming and crafting, Linna!

    1. Linna has now acquired said patterns, and now... The forging begins!

  3. Congrats on your Sharp Dressed Toon! Isn't it fun? Atheren

    1. Oh yes. I fully intend to fill in some gaps in some of my old Tier sets in Wrath, just for RP purposes. The Rogue T0 set looks absolutely awesome, and Az is gonna rock it.