Friday, August 19, 2022

Resisting the Tide

Before anybody else mentions it, yes, I'm aware that the Wrath Classic pre-patch will drop on August 30th.

You can't login to and not see it.

Considering that I'm not raiding, I'm not concerned about the "ticking clock" or the "rush to L80" or anything else about Wrath Classic. Wrath is gonna drop, and given how TBC Classic went, at this time next year we'll be knee deep in Icecrown Citadel frenzy, whether the patch date is announced or whether it's about to open. 

And I'm extremely glad I'm not swept up with all of that.

I mean, Wowhead put out an article about Ten Things To Do Before Wrath of the Lich King Classic Releases back in May. That was a little over two weeks after Sunwell Plateau opened to raiders. It's as if the expectation is that Classic players --and by extension MMO players in general-- simply can't enjoy the moment, but have to be looking to the next big thing.

I used Bing because it presents the results
like this. But you get the idea.

And here I am, just kind of doing some farming, some Alterac Valley, helping my questing buddy level her Mage, and just in general taking it easy. I was asked if I wanted to run dailies with another Myzrael holdout, and I passed. 

"It'll be fun!" they said.

"No thanks." To be honest, if I did help I'd not pick up any daily quests myself, because I don't feel like holding anybody up while they wait for me to finish a quest. I mean, I do have that reputation of having shitty drop rates*, so why have everybody else wait around?

However, I've been thinking that when the pre-patch for Wrath drops, it'll be time for me to head up to Quel'Danas after all. I mean, I already missed out on the transition from a rainy, gloomy island to a bright sunlit place, but that also meant I missed out on following the "DO YOUR DAILIES" crowd. So while that mass of people is rushing onward to pre-patch activities, I can hang out in an empty area and just poke my nose into different places. Just because.


*It's great for leveling, so you can grind more mobs for XP, but sucks when people want to get a move on and go to the next thing.


  1. Yeah, sounds good to me. In fact I had forgotten all about Quel'danas which I really liked at the time so I think I'm going to add that to my list of visits to old haunts.

    1. I knew you'd feel the same way, Ancient. Probably we just think alike.