Sunday, August 7, 2022

Point Me in the General Direction of Bed

I have been to Gen Con today. I haz survived it.

More later.

But first, here's a preview:

It's a balloon version of Genevieve,
the mascot of Gen Con!



  1. Cool, I always wanted to go. Looking forward to your full post. Atheren

    1. It's definitely worth it to go, if you're into board games, RPGs, writing, and other geeky activities. It's not like E3 is (or used to be) for video games, but you can find video games represented there. My wife was sorely tempted to sign up one year for the Mario Kart competition just to see how she'd do, but they were using only the pro joysticks unlike the Wii-motes that she's used to.

      Still, it definitely is worth the trip.