Tuesday, August 30, 2022

A Time for Visiting

I've been helping my questing buddy out with her Mage alt, and one of the fun things I've done is to do the Marshal Windsor questline with her. Part of what made it fun was that this is only the third time I've gone through the questline, as I have so few Alliance toons at L60 or above.

This was Linna's time to shine, and she didn't disappoint.

"Just sayin'..."

This is one of those quests that the
RP walk was made for.

"Like hell you will."

He may have known it was coming,
but it still doesn't make it easy to watch.

But the Marshal Windsor questline is merely the beginning. I know where this leads, having done it twice, but I'm still amazed at how Blizz doesn't give you any clues as to where to go next. This was truly a "get out in the world and explore" questline. When I first went through this questline, I didn't fall back on Wowhead or any guides. I had already been exploring on Az, and I happened to stumble upon a lone Queldorei out in Winterspring. So when I first was given this quest, she happened to be on the list of potential suspects to complete this quest. The leads in Swamp of Sorrows and Burning Steppes didn't pan out, so I went to Winterspring. And there, Azshandra and then Cardwyn found someone who would become an old friend...

"Card is doing well, thanks.
She sends her regards."

If there's one thing that I am pleased about in Retail, it's that the Cataclysm revamp kept Haleh alive. It could have been so easy for Blizz back then to have simply eliminated her as her quests became obsolete, but she's still alive and kicking. 

And she changed her outfit, too.

So on the day of the Prepatch for Wrath Classic, it's good to visit some old friends that have survived until today.


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