Friday, August 5, 2022

Passive Aggressive Commentary

When I was sending some mats to Cardwyn to craft, Linna came across this toon on Myzrael-US:

Gee, I have no idea what that guild is referencing...

That's one way to express your displeasure with the swift abandonment of Myzrael-US by the major Alliance raiding guilds. 



  1. Naming your guild after a current controversy is always a risk. There are lots of guilds in GW2 named after rivalries or incidents in WvW, some of which have turned out to be very resilient and long-lasting. The problem is, most of the conflicts they reference are now lost in the mists of time. They often name servers that closed long ago or even other guilds or commanders who haven't been seen for years.

    1. I did a quick /who of the guild and it looks like it's a guild of one person. Or maybe a couple at best. My thinking is that if/when Myzrael-US is shut down, since you can't transfer guild names they'll just create a new guild on another server.

      Despite your warning --and despite my common sense to not name my banking guild after anything other than "Is Up To No Good"-- I was amused. And I believe that the "deserters" themselves would say that they won.

  2. Wow, the population graph for Myzrael is quite striking. It's not one of the servers currently scheduled for closure, and from what I could find it also doesn't seem to have free transfers offered off it, so all these people have just been paying to move elsewhere...

    1. Yep, once word got out that Variance was leaving on July 1st, everybody else just up and left too. There was a sale at the time, which softened the blow, but why should Blizz "fix" things when people were willing to pay to move off?

      At the high point, Myz was in great shape, but once some people moved off it gradually became harder and harder to recruit for progression raids. I personally believe it wasn't the people moving off, but rather the demands of people following the meta, burning out, and leaving that caused the personnel crunch. I know of at least a half dozen people who burned out and left, but when people hear just how "great" things are going on the megaservers guilds start clamoring to leave.

      It almost makes me want to revive the Friday Night Karazhan raid --and make it server wide for interest-- to make a statement.