About Deftig / Souldat

I'll start with my list of MMOs played, and main characters...

Never Winter Nights - Not a true MMO, but playing on server vault characters was similar
  • Halfling Cleric
  • Halfling Rogue
Lineage 2
  • Dark Elf Assassin
  • Gold Dragon (seriously, how can you pass up actually playing as a dragon)
World of Wacraft
  • Undead Rogue
  • Orc Death Knight (Tank)
  • and others, none of which I'll mention
Warhammer Online
  • Black Orc (Tank)
Age of Conan
  • Conqueror (Tank)

As you can see from the list above, I tend to play melee or a tank.  I don't do spell casters, as I don't like having squishy armor or having to run from fights.  I quite enjoy the challenges of tanking, and constatly strive to keep myself the best tank I can be.

My favorite character is Souldat, the orc  human Death Knight.  I've accomplished more on him, than any of my previous characters, and I really enjoy both the play style and lore surrounding the Death Knights.

I've just recenly faction changed to the Alliance, and I'm enjoying the game from a new view on things.

In my personaly lfe, I'm going on 30 this year, married to a lovely woman (who also plays wow), and I'm a supervisor for a technology company in the Cleveland area.