Sunday, August 28, 2022

A Collection of Guild Names, Part Deux

I've been collecting more guild names that provided me amusement, so I'm ready to unleash a few more on unsuspecting readers.

What did you think it was gonna
taste like?

You know, if you have to put it
in your guild name, odds are...

Uh.... "Moistly"?

Meh. I kind of like the dead
servers over the Soyent Green
servers, myself.

"Pie Iesu Domine, dona eis requim..."

Found the guild that
Shaquille O'Neal is a member of.

"Hello there!!"

I guess "Girls Gone Wild"
was taken...

Oh, the feels.

Hey, an Oingo Boingo fan!

David Hasselhoff and
Pam Anderson play Classic?
Who knew?

And here I am, merely
bad by accident....

An Our Gang fan club? Wow!

Here.... /hug

Sure.... Everybody's 
a critic....



  1. Our server has some bangers on it as well, such as and . Truth in advertising there, I assume. I'm assuming is all Gnomes All the Time.

    Every now and then one of the old names resurfaces and I'm critted by nostalgia.

    1. Grimmy, I think the cut and paste didn't work. What were the guild names?

    2. Bloody blogger, doesn't like the angle brackets in comments.

      "the Brute Squad", "We Die Alot", and "The Lollipop Guild", respectively.

    3. "You're on the Brute Squad? You ARE the Brute Squad!"

  2. Saw today. Made my wife laugh.

    1. Heh, spam filter caught mine I think, was "Gas Station B***r P**ls"

    2. I checked, and there wasn't anything in the spam filter. (Kind of disappointed, to be honest.) Considering the lack of enforcement by Blizz these days, I guess I shouldn't be surprised.