Thursday, April 18, 2024

The Great Plains

YouTuber Vulgrin dropped a video the other day, titled "This Place is Why I Love Classic World of Warcraft", and three guesses as to which zone it is:

Despite my hardly ever playing Horde toons these days, and the highest level Tauren toon I've ever created I got to Level 7 back in late Wrath, I have to agree that Mulgore is my favorite Classic Era zone to just relax and enjoy. 

I almost never go there because I'd rather not scare the lowbie Horde toons, but I typically will find an excuse to stop in when I'm passing nearby. And if Darkmoon Faire is there, that works for an excuse.

Another place I like to go just to enjoy the sea is the coastline in Desolace. It's always empty, and the farther south you roam the fewer naga actually come out on the shore to disturb the view. 

If you include TBC Classic zones, I'd also have to throw in Eversong Forest, as the place is locked in perpetual Autumn. That it existed as it was long past Cataclysm's reworking of the Old World was a bit of a bonus. 

The irony is that while I like those areas the most, that doesn't translate into what toons I play the most. After all, I mostly play Alliance toons these days, and outside of Neve in TBC/Wrath Classic I have hardly touched Horde toons at all. Still, I can't deny the simple beauty of Mulgore.


  1. I was trying to think of my favorite pre-Cataclysm area and I ended up visiting everywhere that existed then. Couldn't pick a favorite. Damn that Deathwing! TotA

    1. Good thing you did it now on Wrath Classic. It won't exist shortly.