Monday, April 29, 2024

Meme Monday: Pollen Memes

Yes, in Ohio it's that time of year: when you come out in the morning and your car is covered in pollen. If you wash your car, it'll be covered in pollen the next morning.

Oh yay.

In dubious honor of the flowers here going bananas, I figured I'd spend this Meme Monday on the bane of my existence, pollen.

And both blow things up, too. 
In the case of the former, my eyes and nose.
From Memebase.

Yeah, I know. I get that.
From Cheezburger.

Makes me wonder if that death mask found
at Mycene merely had allergies. From Pinterest.

Truth. From depositphotos.

And one bonus pollen meme:

Wow. I never noticed...
From click2houston.

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