Monday, April 8, 2024

Meme Monday: How About More Miscellaneous Memes?

Yeah, I've got a lot of excess memes that I ought to unload, so no time like the present.

There's always one meme that screams "pick me" that I don't end up using...

Alas, poor Horshack...
From Welcome Back, Kotter, via

So these are from all over the internet that somehow just didn't make the cut on other Meme Mondays.

Obviously an IKEA spoof, but it came from a Discord
channel, so I don't know who actually created this.

That's.... a very 80s trap, I must say.
And yes, I'd probably roll a one on this one.
From Demotivational (I think).

I remember Sabrina from the 60s version
of The Archies, so I'm still kind of having
trouble squaring away this version of her.
From d20dndmemes.

Yes, this is me. I hang onto old weapons because they've
been well-loved.From Travis Hanson's
Life of the Party: Realities of an RPG'er.

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