Tuesday, May 24, 2022

Someone Picked at a Scab

I saw this video today about "what's going away when Wrath Classic drops"

And I was sufficiently annoyed at his flippant "if you're one of the 4 or 5 people on your server who doesn't have an Amani Warbear" that I felt it merited a response.

If you've got Hyjal / BT gear, then yes, Zul'Aman is "a pretty chill raid." Even if you're in SSC/TK gear, you should be fine. But if you're in a raid with primarily Phase 1 gear or quest greens + pre-BiS, ignore what WillE is saying. It's a raid that is highly dependent on gear checks and having the right composition --such as having a Priest to do periodic mass dispels on the raid during the Vol'jin fight-- that if you don't have those you're not going to finish the raid. 

And god forbid if your raid is caught in between about 6 other ZA raids --not to mention the other progression raids of other major guilds-- so most of the personnel for the critical slots (Tanks, Healers, the aforementioned Priest, Shamans) are already either locked or are busy. And those roles are ones that I have no desire to pug. I've been in enough pugs that I know that those roles are ones I want people I can trust with, and a random pug --assuming you can even put one together right now on the server-- isn't where you're gonna typically find them.

I suppose that the entire tone, which is a breezy "oh, this is some box you can check off before Wrath drops but everybody will have this anyway", really ticked me off. 

Probably a good deal of it was because I'm not going to get the "Hand of A'dal" title because I never got a Kael'Thas kill in Phase 2. I never show my "Champion of the Na'aru" title anyway, and I'd certainly never bother showing a "Hand of A'dal" title if I got it, but the fact that I did get it would mean something to me. And here was yet another reminder that one of the few personal goals I had in this expac --to raid up until Illidan was downed in Black Temple-- was not going to get completed just kind of set me off.


I guess what drives my obsession about this is something I remembered back in original Wrath.

Remember the blog I Sheep Things/Oh My Kurenai? I certainly do. 

And I remember Rhii's steady stream of updates on her guild's attempts to kill Arthas in ICC before Cataclysm dropped.

But more than anything else, I remember her despair at her realization that her guild wasn't going to be able to do it, and her GM --of all people-- took off to run with another guild and down Arthas instead of trying to finish the job in their own guild. 

As I wasn't a raider at the time, I could only offer some sympathy to her plight, but I didn't really experience it firsthand. When I was a guest on the Twisted Nether Blogcast back in ancient history, there was some disbelief that it was a big deal to down Arthas by the end, with the hosts thinking it wasn't that hard by then because of the buffs and whatnot, and because I knew Rhii's struggles I disagreed. Now I have found myself in her exact same situation, knowing that one thing you wanted to get but you aren't going to get it, that hurts. It's not like a kick in the shins, because that is intense for a brief period of time and then fades, but it's closer to a long, slow burn, like when you've got acid reflux. Even when you think you've put it behind you, it's still lurking to spring out when you least expect it. 

Like now.


  1. Ouch, I can't even imagine the frustration in that situation. I feel with you. Since I am in two guilds that usually has Malacrass as the end of the raid night (and many wipes before) I know the feels in some respect, I am just lucky I don't feel the need for a bear.

    1. Yeah, I honestly don't want a bear myself, I just want to say I finished it. It's the scab portion, the constant needling reminders, that got to me when I saw that video. If nothing else I have a certain perverse degree of satisfaction in knowing that most progression guilds are getting their collective asses handed to them by Sunwell. I think that they pushed the Classic team again and again, and like the old saying, "Be careful what you wish for, because you might get it."

  2. I had this comment back in BC (original) about stuff like that - whenever they embedded major lore inside of a 25-man or 40-man instance, "well, there's some lore I'll never see." - because my guild could barely, at the time, post a 10-person raid team. I was pretty bitter about it, TBH.

    Fortunately, I learned to cope.

    1. Yeah, I know I'll cope with it, it's just that I thought it was behind me finally and then this happened. I guess I need to be more diligent.

    2. My coping mechanism back then was to take a shot whenever Blizz disappointed me, and stop when I fell over punchy.

      My liver did not appreciate that. Working on ice cream now.

    3. In my case, I suspect alcohol would be actually safer. But still, I can at least beat on somebody in a Battleground. The poor Druid I wailed on about 1/2 hour ago.... Alas....

  3. I'm never a fan of people being flippant about the difficulty of progression content. If it's easy for you, good for you! Be proud that you're so well-geared and/or good at the game! No need to be so dismissive of those who aren't on the same level...

    1. Yes, this. Obviously his audience is the high end progression raiders, but come on. Being dismissive toward those who don't have your advantages says more about you than them.