Tuesday, February 27, 2024

Things That Make You Go 'Hmmm...'

I was commenting on Shintar's latest WoW Classic Season of Discovery post when her reply gave me some food for thought:

She's right; I haven't been talking very much about what I'm up to, game-wise. Especially compared to the first four or five years' worth of this blog --or even the first three years' worth of WoW Classic-- I've gone mostly silent on my actual video game activity.

Well, I can answer the question "What have I been up to?" pretty succinctly: not much.


This is my spot.

Ever since WoW Classic's Season of Discovery dropped, a lot of people have abandoned WoW Classic Era and jumped on the SoD bandwagon. The resulting emptiness in Classic Era, while not nearly as bad as it was when Burning Crusade Classic came out, is very noticeable. And it suits me just fine. 

I suppose I could level an alt or try to get into a raid or something, but I've found myself not really interested in doing that. Over the past few months one of my Classic Era friend group pulled me into a Molten Core raid, but that experience was soured by that raid's leadership giving a piece of tank gear my friend could have used to a spellcaster alt of one of the raid team's guildies, in explicit violation of the gear distribution rules.

Main Spec over Off-Spec my ass.

Several people in the friend group have joined other raids and raid teams, and some even go into AQ40 and Naxxramas (the last two raids of Classic Era), but I've just not been that interested in doing so. My Questing Buddy does want to join some raids, but her raiding requirement is in the evening on Pacific Time (US West Coast), which most raids in the server cluster don't do. There is one guild that does, however, and she briefly joined that guild only to discover she was unceremoniously benched to make way for another guildie to attend. No apologies or anything, just a "you're benched" from that guild's raid team right before the raid was to start. It'd be one thing if they said that she was being benched for another Hunter, but they instead brought an 8th (or something) Warrior instead to Zul'Gurub, a 20 person raid, where you want Hunters to do certain pulls or be damage soakers or whatnot.

So yeah, I'm not interested in any of that petty bullshit. 

With the dearth of people in Classic Era, it's also been difficult to get into any Alterac Valley Battlegrounds, as most of the Horde players are (you guessed it) in Season of Discovery.

I do help out my friends by running their low level alts through instances or questing, or if they need a body for a dungeon run, so there is that, I guess.

However, for the most part I just stand around in Darnassus, doing random buffs to people who run by, and providing portals to people who need it. 


What about Season of Discovery?

Well, I was happy to move at my own pace, and explore just for exploring, and I'd even created a Horde Mage just to play with my Questing Buddy who'd never played Horde before. I honestly had a good time watching Barrens Chat* and figuring out where all the quests were out there.** Hell, I even got into a Ragefire Chasm group or two, which I hadn't done on the Horde side since... 2010?

I got said Mage up to L22 or so before Season of Discovery's Phase 2 dropped, but my interest in SoD evaporated when Blizzard decided to provide all sorts of information about the upcoming Phase and then stuck Phase 2 in the Public Test Realm before release, which kind of defeats the entire purpose of, you know, discovering things. Some websites have at least paid lip service to the concept of letting people discover things on their own, but once Phase 2 dropped my YouTube Main Page was overwhelmed with "Here's Everything You Need to Do in SoD Phase 2" videos. 

When I did login after Phase 2 dropped, I found that Blizz had added a 50% XP buff to push people into the new content more quickly. I figured that in order to delete it I'd have to do what I did with that Joyous Journeys buff and talk to an innkeeper, but since Blizz couldn't stay with the actual theme of Season of Discovery and instead turned Phase 2 into a "normal" mini-expansion, I abandoned Season of Discovery.***


I've logged into other MMOs, such as Elder Scrolls Online and Star Wars: The Old Republic, but...

Let me put it this way: I've logged in, started a character (or logged into an existing one) and... I just kind of hung around, doing nothing. Just watching people run here and there. 

And then I log off.

Yes, I've played a bit of the original Baldur's Gate and Baldur's Gate 3, but... I've reached a certain point in both games where I'm fine with where I'm at. I don't feel like pushing very hard, and I don't feel like starting over. In BG3 I know what I need to do to keep moving forward, but... that requires me bashing my head against a virtual wall for a while until I figure out how a clever way of solving a few quests. Despite a lot of temptation out there in the form of guides and whatnot, I want to figure the game out for myself, without any help. 

I'm not saying I don't believe you, but
I've played my share of CRPGs over the years,
and I've learned to never trust people who say that.
(No spoilers, thankyouverymuch...)


What have I been doing?

Work, I guess.

I'm up to my eyeballs in work, and even though my hours are still roughly 40-ish hours per week, the timing of that work is impacting my down time. For example, I've had a meeting scheduled for very very early morning, and that same meeting has been delayed several times. The problem is not only that I have to go to bed very early to make this early morning call, the delays usually come in when I'm asleep, so I wake up for the meeting only to discover the meeting had been delayed. Again and again and again. So I've not been on much in the evenings because I've got to get to bed. 

While I wrote this post, I set up the
timer on my coffee machine because I don't
want to follow that 10th voice and sleep in.
From Grab Your Coffee Facebook group.

When I'm not doing work, I'm running to and fro for various family obligations and whatnot. I haven't had this many family obligations to go to since more than one of the kids were back in high school, and I can't really explain why. 

I would say that I need a vacation, but every time I think of taking a couple of days off from work, more stuff comes in --both personal and work-- that kind of have to get done. If I took time off from work, the extra work would still be there (and I'd already be behind in getting it done) and the personal stuff would have had to be finished while I was "on vacation".

While I'd like to say that I'm overworked, I'm not. My Questing Buddy's husband is really slammed at his job right now, which is why I don't complain about my work. I guess there's nothing really exciting me right now, and that is reflected in my lack of video game activity.


Okay, I do have to set one thing straight: even if I were busily playing video games, I'm not so sure I'd even bother to post about it anyway.

Remember how I've said (numerous times) that I'm a private person and don't open up much? Well, I've been in one of those moods over the past several months where I'm just not interested in opening up, period. Sure, there's the blog and all, but beyond that I'm just not into talking about my activities. I push myself to posting about such things because it feels like I ought to be at least a bit social, but I also know that posting about what I'm playing doesn't generate much interest compared to other topics.**** It's kind of funny how a blog is social media, but when I post about social things, those posts are very often the least read on the blog. 

So... If I'm not enjoying writing those posts, and people aren't reading them, why should I force myself to do it?

Good ol' Arsenio Hall. This was probably
what, 1987 or so? My freshman year roommate
and I used to watch his show and then turn
on Late Night With David Letterman. From imgflip.com.

I'll probably post about my goings on from time to time, but not nearly as much as I used to. I'd rather talk about other things than making the blog about me, honestly. 

*Except for one evening where some people decided to talk politics and the Middle East, and let's say it did not end well.

**In case you're wondering, by the time a Blood Elf character is finished with the two Blood Elf specific starting areas --Eversong Woods and The Ghostlands-- said character is about L20-L22 already and can pretty much skip The Barrens entirely. So the WoW Classic version of Neve never quested in The Barrens at all, but instead went straight to the next zones after them.

***I will give Blizz some kudos for banning GDKP raids/groups on Season of Discovery servers, which for the uninitiated are raids in which people bid for gear that drop off of bosses with in-game gold. And yes, the GDKP raids are the big reason why gold farmers and (technically illegal) gold selling goes on in WoW Classic servers. But if you ask me, I doubt Blizz will stick to their guns for very long. I mean, just look at how quickly they abandoned the "discovery" portion of Season of Discovery.

****My first post about my hospital stay notwithstanding.


  1. Well, thank you for indulging me!

    I can understand not wanting to get into too much detail about your personal life, but not wanting to write about your gaming is a new one to me to be honest. For me that's a big part of my blog's raison d'etre! What do you consider your blog's purpose then? What are the topics you want to write about? And do you still consider PC a gaming blog?

    1. Well, now that you prodded me about it, I went back to look at what the About section actually says about PC. (Yes, I'd forgotten.)

      Luckily, we'd specified about primarily MMO gaming topics --although we've leeway to cover geekdom and other games/gaming-- so I think that commentary and whatnot about gaming still fits within our current About statement.

      (I am not going to call it a Mission Statement. I'm trying to keep work away, not embrace work language.)

      I don't think I'm going to abandon "what's going on in gaming" posts entirely, but I don't want to make it a focus of the blog. If I don't talk about something enough, PLEASE go ahead and poke me to post more. Feedback is always welcome!

    2. I really don't mind much what you talk about, just that you do. I enjoy lots of your posts even though I'm unfamiliar with other games you play.

      Your fiction is fantastic, any time you feel a story I'm ready!

    3. Thanks, Ancient!

      And yes, I've been writing a bit of fiction. I'm just pushing to get a draft done so I can start revisions. It's, um, a bit long....