Monday, February 26, 2024

Meme Monday: Min-Maxer Memes

I'd been considering a few other subjects for Meme Monday, but for some reason I kept running into memes concerning min-maxers. Of course, min-maxing isn't a recent phenomenon --just look at the strategy discussion surrounding chess, for example-- and even in real life people will use what is "best" to get a leg up on the competition. 

My decision to make this Meme Monday about min-maxing was solidified when an acquaintance asked in chat the other day what 'parsing' is. Yeah, about that...

This is why players will do all the things
in an MMO, even when they were put in the
game to provide something to do for everyone.

Video games aren't the sole domain of
min-maxers. There's a ton of memes in
pencil-and-paper RPG about min-maxers too.
From Reddit's dndmemes.

Sometimes, you have to admire how some
min-maxers think outside the box.
From Reddit's dndmemes and Ghastfighter392.

And then there's me.
From imgflip.

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