Monday, February 19, 2024

Meme Monday: Post Valentine's Winter Doldrums

I kind of blinked and Valentine's Day had come and gone.

Even in MMOs, the pseudo Valentine's Day celebrations ended a day or two after the day itself, and in a flash everything was gone.

A lot of the Valentine's Day MMO activities had me in kind of a bit of doldrums myself, as my brain kept saying "if real life romance were as easy as MMOs' presentations of Valentine's Day were, I'd be doing fantastic in the romance department."

Part of that is also being married mumblety-mumble years, and I've discovered that familiarity is the biggest killer of romance.

Still, it could also be that we had a rather 'fun' week of weather, which culminated in the temperatures dropping from highs of 60F (15.5C) to lows of 11F (-12C) within the span of 48 hours. Oh, and we finally got some accumulating snow that stuck around for longer than 24 hours, too. (And ice! Don't forget the ice!)

But everybody goes through these doldrums after Valentine's Day and before March heralds the arrival of Spring.

Last week was like this.
From Onlyinyourstate.

Yeah, the gray sucks the life right out
of you after a while. Makes Moria in LOTRO
look cheery by comparison.
From Fowllanguagecomics.

Yep. From Imgflip.

My wife and my oldest had to deal with this
on Saturday, with all the ice hidden under
a couple inches of snow. Yay us.
From Cheezburger.

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