Friday, December 1, 2023

Yodeling In the Passes

I wasn't planning on getting into the Season of Discovery servers when they opened.

If nothing else, I learned that my favorite Mage names --Cardwyn and Nevelanthana-- are never taken by someone else, so I shouldn't have to rush to get a toon created. I could create something different, I suppose, but for me playing a Mage is second nature*, so I knew I was going to go in that direction.

But the lure of playing is strong**, so...


Okay, that's not too bad. I mean, I did choose the RP server, which was "High" and not "Full" like most of the other servers...


What is this, Gorak's Guide come to life?

This went on for over 1/2 hour, where I lost track of time. (I told my questing buddy last night it was 1/2 hour, but honestly that's the absolute minimum time I could think of. It might have been closer to an hour for all I know.)

It looked worse when I started running around.

I see that people go naked even in the starting
area. Oh well.

I quickly realized I wasn't getting anything done in the starting zones, so I decided to go collect a few flight points.

I did make a short stop in Goldshire, since Lava Lash is an RP server, and I was curious as to whether there was a crowd at the Lion's Pride Inn already. (Narrator: There wasn't.) So I set my Hearthstone to the Inn and took off for Stormwind.

While I don't have any screenshots of Stormwind, it was as you expect it would be: empty. 

It was then that I got it into my head to go to Ironforge and from there....

Well, it isn't a Hardcore server, so why not see how far I could get to Menethil Harbor?

While I ran through Dun Morogh, people were discussing the merits of leveling in Teldrassil versus Elwynn Forest. 

"Northshire is an absolute nuthouse," I commented. "I figured I'd rather visit Darnassus right now."

"Yeah," a Gnome added. "At our size, all those Night Elves look hawt."


I mean, I'm not going to dispute that, since I've not played a Gnome before, but it's not like we've not seen Night Elves before. 

My major contribution to the Gen Chat discussion was something much more mundane:

"LFM Ulduar"



"wrong server"


I made a wrong turn in Dun Morogh and ended up taking the North Pass by mistake, so when I left the Pass I had to turn south to reach Thelsamar.

"Ding!" Okay, that was a bit late, but
you get the idea.

I was chased by spiders part of the way to the town, but I made it there before I died.

As you can see by the screenshot, there were far fewer people in Loch Modan than anywhere else that I'd been. That was not the same I could say about the Wetlands, which contained my goal of reaching Menethil Harbor:

Druids. LOTS of Druids.

Alas, the pass through Dun Algaz was not very safe for lone travelers. 

Shortly after I took that screenshot, I left another stretch of the pass only to get killed by Dragonmaw Orcs, who were camping in the hills above the path I was on.

It was then that I discovered that my graveyard I released to was waaaay back at Thelsamar, in Loch Modan.

I thought of having to run all the way back just to respawn and decided that discretion was the better part of valor, so I just hearthed back to Goldshire and logged from the Season of Discovery servers for the day.

Maybe I'll give it a try sometime later, when I put a few levels on me and have some silver to cover my repair bills.

*I want to give a shout-out to Vidyala, of the late blogs Pugging Pally and Manalicious, and the webcomic From Draenor with Love for being the person who taught me how to play a Mage in WoW. I don't think she even realized she did that until I mentioned it to her years later. 

**I know: "If if's and but's were candy and nuts we'd all have a happy birthday." That's the G rated version of that saying, and no, I'm not going to put up the PG-13 version.

EtA: Forgot the links for Vid's blogs.

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