Monday, September 25, 2023

Meme Monday: Rite of Passage Memes

My youngest and I share music* on a regular basis. I'll send her an email with a few pieces of music that I like, and she returns the favor. 

This whole thing began with a text from her having recently discovered Stevie Ray Vaughan from one of her classes, and I used the opportunity to pull out various versions of Jimi Hendrix' Little Wing** so that we could compare the different interpretations of the same song. It has since snowballed into a wide variety of pieces covering a lot of different genres.

Over the weekend, we had another exchange which was inspired by Russ Ballard --hmm, another subject of a post in the future-- but my first exposure to Russ Ballard was when I got my first boom box:

Yes, this exact model. Why we got it via
the catalog and not from a Sears store is because
it cost $149 at the store.
Screenshot taken from the 1984 Sears
Spring/Summer Catalog. 

Getting your first stereo, whether it's a boom box or an-all-in-one shelf system, was a rite of passage for a teenage boy back in the day. I realize that getting your driver's license and your first car was probably higher on people's bucket list, but before you could get that you likely got your first boom box first. 

So, in honor of that first boom box, I present some memes about rites of passage:

And it must be said that with the how tight
shorts were back then, "roasting your nuts"
is pretty damn accurate. From Reddit.

Well, yeah. Been there, and I don't feel
bad about it either. From GetYarn (and Lucifer).

Pretty self explanatory. I just
realized that for an entire generation of
kids, Emma Watson was their first crush
in the same way that Carrie Fisher was for mine.
From (and the HP movies).

And, of course, in Florida the rites
of passage are a WEE bit different.
From MemeDroid.

*Via YouTube; I don't subscribe to a music streaming service. Although, I guess it could be argued that our membership in our local public radio stations entitles me to stream their stations guilt free. And that way, I even get access to their HD2 station, a Jazz format, without having to purchase an HD radio.

**Here's the original:

And then in the 80s, recorded at roughly the same time, is the version by Sting, Branford Marsalis, and Gil Evans, from Sting's Nothing Like The Sun album:

...and Stevie Ray Vaughan's version from the Legacy Edition of Couldn't Stand the Weather:

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