Monday, June 5, 2023

Meme Monday: Satanic Panic Memes

Okay, so there's this game that's officially releasing to the public this week --yes yes, I know that if you paid extra you can get access now-- and it has a certain element to it.

A Satanic element to it, which is something I'm kind of familiar with:

Yes, this was a real newspaper clipping.
From Patheos.

So I figured, hey, let's make a little trip down memory lane and dredge up some memes about the ol' Satanic Panic? After all, they touch on all the bases I was familiar with back in the day: Heavy Metal, D&D, ostracized nerdy teens, etc. For those of you who didn't get to experience it firsthand, because you weren't in (or in the vicinity of) The Bible Belt, or your church didn't have an Evangelical bent to it, allow me to say it first: YOU LUCKY BASTARDS.

Yeah, it sure felt like this.
From Reddit.

This is also back in the day when
Tolkien's world was viewed as being
satanic as well. Nowadays, that's
considered "being cute".
From Reddit again.

Yes, some parents considered
Sesame Street and Mr. Rogers
to be Satanic, because they dared
to educate kids without beating them
up from time to time. From imgflip.

Okay, I laughed my ass off at this one.
If I had a dollar for all the times my 
parents tossed me outside to "go play"...
From 9GAG.

And one bonus meme, flipping the ol' D&D thing on its head:

From Scott Metzger via Reddit.
Something tells me Reddit didn't
ask for permission.

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