Thursday, July 7, 2022

A Quick Pressing of the Pause Button

I wanted to get this out there, so no matter what happens going forward, there was this little bit of serendipity:

Cardwyn is 778584 / 779700...

...and Nevelanthana is 776327 / 779700.

They've both been sitting at these numbers for over a week now, and I have been strangely reluctant to finish it.* I suppose that's mainly due to Card and the knowledge that the Guild Roster Manager add-on will trigger an alert among the dozen or two people in guild who have it installed when she makes it to L70, and in my usual way of not wanting to garner any attention I know it will generate some interest. 

Just as I'm heading out the door, naturally.

But you know, I'm kind of happy about this achievement on both factions. Neve can start doing some more Tailoring, just because she can, and I'll finally see what the hell this whole Spellcloth and Soulcloth (and whatever) crap that people were going gaga a year ago is all about. At this point I'd just like to know how she looks in any Tailored gear, just because she needs that stylish look, and Card is already set for a trip to Northrend.

*It does feel kind of weird seeing a Holy Pally that Neve grouped with about 3-4 weeks ago passing her while Neve kind of putzed around, but that's fine. I knew she wanted to get into some raids before Wrath dropped.


  1. You know what they say... 69? Nice!

    1. /cough

      Hoo boy. You know how to embarrass me, Shin...


  2. Grats Card! Seems like just the other day you were just starting out. Have fun in Wrath and watch your back!

    1. Since I'm not doing progression, will you come hang with me for a bit, Ancient? If not in Wrath, maybe (just maybe) Dragonflight?

  3. Sorry about not being more in present. Job changes and other things certainly do that to you. I'm glad you won't have to leave the guild, and I really do bet you are going to see lots of people who don't stick around once it moves or shortly after. I saw it happen as recently as the end of BfA.

    Also, I can certainly relate to the learned introversion and my experience in Classic certainly reinforced it. The funny part is that this time I also could clearly see how design decisions contributed to it too, not that it was the only thing. I hope you keep playing, at least as long as it makes you happy.

    1. I'm thinking you're more right than you know, especially once people realize that there may not be a raiding spot for them going forward. The combined guilds will have two 2x/week 25 person raid teams, and apparently at least 30 people signed up for each so far. It doesn't take a genius on my part to figure out that there will be a lot of people left off of the raids, and when people find out that cliques and/or favorite people are always on the raid teams and others always left on the bench, people will leave. Those people will discover --as I did-- that "all animals are equal, but some animals are more equal than others".

      My opinion on that matter is that I suspect guild leadership was hoping that I'd stick around to raid lead the "non-hardcore" or "social" raids, and I might have considered it if I thought I'd get the support to do so, but with a merger on top of a server change... No thanks. And I've already discovered that the server culture on Atiesh is a bit more toxic than was on Myzrael. (I'll post on that later.)

      I will still continue to play, although I have been flirting more and more with Retail. I don't think I'll do anything with Retail at the moment, at least until Dragonflight drops, but it does have a certain amount of appeal.