Monday, July 8, 2024

Meme Monday: Medical Memes

Before you ask, no, I'm not having another "medical event". And no, I don't have Covid, either. The other week I spent my lunch time cutting down some bush/weeds that had grown in the midst of some "regular" bushes and was restoring that part of the yard to what it once was.

...and in true Redbeard fashion, I pulled something on my shoulders/back. Couple that with the next day having a surprise emergency deadline, and...

The past week was... not fun. Let's leave it at that.

Good thing that, given that I haven't healed 
in quite a while. From someecards.

I am the almighty wizard Ambien!!
From Shane Plays.

I can feel this one, given that I've played Clerics
for a very. long. time. From r/dndmemes.

When Tylenol is not enough, maybe I ought to listen
to ol' Arthas... Wait, he's not talking about emptying
your intestines, is he? From World of Warcraft Memes on FB.

EtA: How the hell could I have missed a misspelling in the freaking title?? Well, I did, and I corrected it.


  1. I'm always reading stuff and then leaving and then I feel like a shoplifter so /wave! Ancient or Queen Eliquis if you prefer!

    1. "Queen Eliquis"?

      Oh hell no, Ancient... You ain't escaping without explaining THAT ONE!!!

    2. I though if drug names could sound like a wizard's name they probably make you royal too! I am also taking a drug that sounds like rastafarian so it seems that one made me Bob Marley!

    3. Oh crap, NOW I get it! For a moment there I thought it was some sort of Retail WoW reference that completely went over my head!

  2. Hmm. How about drug names for typical thud and blunder fantasy characters as a variation? Lisinopril the Lipid, Metoprolol the Cheery, Tadalafil the Finisher, or Flecainide the Black? This could be fun when my wife or I have to deal with yet another medication. :)

    1. Uh, given my 2+ years of using Metoprolol, I would definitely NOT call it "the Cheery". Maybe "Sildenafil the Cheery" (or maybe a more accurate version is "Sildenafil the Hopeful"), but that's way too much an obvious one there...

    2. It's the "lol" at the end of the name that suggested "the Cheery". When I first started it my tongue wanted to fumble the name, but I always said "lol" correctly. Which had to be a case of being online for way too many years. :sigh: