Tuesday, March 14, 2023

A Collection of Guild Names, Part the Third

It's been several months, but I keep running into guild names that amuse me or touch me in some way. 

Scott Andrews, in his book The Guild Leader's Handbook, recommends not picking a guild name "that could embarass or offend someone. No one will want to walk around with a name like that, and you'll have a tough time recruiting. Choose something that people will want to show off rather than downplay."* Scott also provides a helpful list of clichés to avoid, which would in most times be sound advice.

I'm glad that this bunch didn't necessarily follow said advice.

Well, Milwaukee does have
some big breweries.

This warmed the heart of
this Midwesterner, seeing
"Ope" in a guild name.

"We'll get there when we get there!"

And their companion guild...

Maybe I should have joined this guild
given the time differential.

The guild of college students everywhere!

Pretty sure I don't qualify, but if
by "Hot Dads" they mean "It's hot
outside", then... okay, during Summer
I'd qualify. Right now it's 32F/0C outside.

Three days later? Probably releasing
and running back would have been
quicker than waiting for a rez.

For ice fishing, maybe...

That's a guild name I didn't expect.

Alas that the bearer of this guild
name DID have a shirt on.

For some reason I had the mental image
of a bunch of box turtles trying to chase
after me.

Anyway, here's Wonderwall...

"Don't you forget about me..."

But my monitor is already on.

Found the Robert Jordan fan.

Of COURSE you're not addicted...

Uh... Yeah.

::insert moose call here::

First time I saw this guild name,
I read it as "Bananas ARE Large."

Mmm... Refried dreams...

Is Fargo, North Dakota really deep?

No comment.

And finally...



  1. I wonder if "Nice Day for Fishing" is a reference to the Epic NPC Man youtube series?

    1. That's my guess too. I'll have to ask them the next time I'm grouped up with one of their guildies.

  2. I'm kind of intrigued by "Trampled by Turtles" and "Bananas At Large". Those feel like the kinds of names nobody would come up with without some kind of story behind them...

    1. True. I've seen several people with Bananas At Large at the same time, so it's more than just a one person guild as well. I only saw "Trampled by Turtles" that one time, so I'll have to keep my eyes open.

    2. It's a Bluegrass influenced band from Duluth Minnesota but I love the visual it presents.

    3. I just finished checking out some of their work. They really sound like a group that would have gotten airtime on WNKU, before Northern Kentucky University sold the radio station to a religious group. Damn.