Thursday, December 22, 2022

Gaming Weather, that's for Sure

I believe that someone, somewhere, had to have said that it'd be a cold day in Hell before Messi and Argentina finally won a World Cup.

Uh oh.
From Associated Press, photo by Martin Meissner.

I do know that people said as much concerning the Cincinnati Bengals and the Super Bowl this past January.

Double uh oh.
From Associated Press, photo by Charlie Riedel.

So... Be careful what you wish for, I suppose. Time to turn on the heater down below.


Time to batten down the hatches, here comes the Snowpocalypse.

From The Weather Channel.
NOAA's forecasts are more detailed
but the maps a bit cruder in design.

Okay, that's being a bit self serving, but most of the US is (or will be shortly) in the grip of what is being called a bomb cyclone, along with temperatures low enough that's not been seen in quite a while. 

From The Weather Channel.
Just search for "bomb cyclone."

Here in Cincinnati, the forecast is for -2F/-19C with wind chill reaching -28F/-33C (or worse), so...

Not gonna be fun outside, that's for sure.

I guess that means its time to play some games!

EtA: Corrected a grammatical error.


  1. Replies
    1. How is it out your way? I presume it's worse, because I looked at the temps of Chicago, Cleveland, and Detroit, and they all have a Great Lake next to them to help moderate the temperatures, so we're slightly colder than them.

  2. I'm glad you used the dual temparatures. Even though I grew up with Fahrenheit and I still have a clear mental picture of what positive Fahrenheit temperatures feel like, I can't really parse negative F numbers any more. I feel like they never made much sense, with freezing being thirty-two degrees. Celsius is so much more intuitive, which I guess is why I mentally adopted it so easily when the UK (officially, at least) swapped over back in the eighties. On the other hand, I still think in miles for long distances, not kilometers...

    However you measure them, those temperatures sound horrific. We just had a ten-day spell of arctic air here that kept things below freezing overnight and barely above by day and much though I like the cold weather for walking the dog (She really loves it, especially snow) I was very happy to see the thermometer go back up. I do actually have a thermometer on the wall in the kitchen so that's not a metaphor.

    The coldest it got here during that spell was -6C, so nowhere even close to what you're expecting, and yet it still froze our water outlet pipes so we couldn't use the bathroom sink for three days... Good luck keeping warm!

    1. Oh yes, It's pretty bad out. I was outside last night after midnight, taking the trash out, and the cold was bad enough. But that wind...

      Compared to the other major Midwestern cities --Chicago, Detroit, Cleveland, and Indianapolis-- we're colder than all but Indy at the moment. Our temperature outside on our back porch right now is -6.5F/-21.4C, which with our current 21 MPH winds makes it -31F/-35C. Indianapolis is hovering a half degree F colder at -7F/-21.6C, with similar winds, so... -32F/-35.5C.

      But when this hit Denver yesterday, a friend of mine was texting a group chat to let us know that the temps plummeted to -8F/-22C (without wind chill) as the storm hit. He posted us a video of the proverbial "toss a cup of water outside and see what happens" trick and yes, it froze as it hit the air.

    2. ...and before someone jumps in and says "Hey, what about Milwaukee and Minneapolis?" Milwaukee is as cold as Indianapolis at -7F/-21.6C (with slightly calmer winds), but Minneapolis gets the Major Award for the coldest Midwestern city at -9F/-22.8C, with 18 MPH winds yielding -33F/-36C.

      Indy, Minneapolis/St. Paul, and Cincinnati are the only three major Midwestern cities in the list not next to one of the Great Lakes, which tends to moderate temperatures a bit. That's why those cities are colder than the others.