Saturday, December 24, 2022

Gaming Weather, Part Two

This is what greeted me on Friday morning:

The top numbers are the indoor
temperature and humidity,
the bottom is the outside ambient temp.

Couple that with 21 MPH winds, our -6.5F/-21.4C felt like -31F/-35C.


The cold alone was enough, but if that were it I could handle that sort of cold temperature. But the wind...

Oh boy, that wind was something.

As in, lots of four letter curse word somethings.

You step outside and even if you're bundled up in thermal undergarments in addition to regular clothes and a parka, and that blast of cold wind just sucks all of the air right out of you in a gasp.


To shovel the snow out to the cars so that we could even scrape them off and start them up, I had to do the "little kid" routine and do something for a couple of minutes and then go back inside to warm up. Even those chemical pack "hand warmers" couldn't keep up with the cold temperatures, but at least they gave it the ol' college try. 

From Pinterest.

Between that and the lack of services --our trash pickup was cancelled, with a "we'll be back to pick it up next Friday!" from them-- and the lack of people on the road, it wasn't that bad. Just annoying.

Right now it's a balmy 10F, so... Yay?


  1. Glad to hear you're holding up OK. As Bhagpuss mentioned, we had what was an unusual cold spell for the UK recently, but hearing what you guys are going through made me feel spoiled in comparison!

    1. It's all about what you're used to. When I talk to my boss, who lives in Ottawa, Canada, what we're getting isn't that unusual at all up there in the frozen North. But if you mention it to someone down in Florida or Arizona, they kind of curl up into a fetal position and cry about any temps that get within 10 degrees of 32F/0C.