Thursday, May 6, 2021

Yeah, It Figures

Figures that Blizz would drop the news about BC Classic a couple of hours after a post.


June 1st eh? With a May 18th Pre-patch?

Not amused, I am. Naxxramas' Event went on longer than the two weeks' worth of pre-patch for TBC Classic.

Boosting services on the servers --the ones you pay for in WoW gold, not the ones that Blizz wants you to use-- will be brisk, especially if you want multiple Shamans (or Pallys on the Horde side) in raids fairly quickly.

I look at the two weeks as a push by Blizz to capitalize on their own monetary boosting services, but given that most of the toons in need of a boost won't be able to get one (Draenei and Blood Elves), why stick to two weeks?

Unless they asked the sweatiest of the sweaty guilds for advice on lead-in to release day, that is.


Oh, and I left my old guild today.

Within the past few days I noticed that a lot of my old guildies began logging in like clockwork, with TBC Classic on the horizon. To be fair, I was never on Az when they were, because I was either doing some leveling on alts or raiding/whatnot on Card, but when I logged into Az to do some farming, I noticed the last logged in times and went "hmmm....."

After a couple of days of this I began to get irritated. I'd been the only one to consistently login over the months, and I guess they figured they could pick up where they left off. It was at that moment that I realized that I'd moved on without them, and I really didn't need Retail Orphans any more. So I gave the GM role back to the original GM and /gquit.

Az is now a free agent again.

Will she join Valhalla? Nah. Not for now at any rate. She can remain independent, especially since she has been doing her own thing for so long. Besides, I'm going to be busy doing raid stuff, and Az will be an alt that I'll goof around with from time to time.


  1. Here I am, pretty excited about everything you’re unhappy about. I just have one character in a guild, and I didn’t log her in this week, but last time I did, lots of people hadn’t logged on in a year. Whoa. I think it’s the ebb and flow of Wow, though, and it’s fine.

    1. Well, that's part of the ebb and flow of WoW that I didn't like. I'm okay if it's some people, but everybody? Being in an empty guild has its advantages, but I did this in retail where everybody leaves and then a year later with a new expac 2/3 come back, then fade away over 8-9 months, then are gone for a year. Rinse and repeat. Multiple times. For me, it's emotionally draining to see people in a guild be less interested in the relationships and more a "wake me up when there's something to do".

      But now that I think about it, I believe I can trace part of my resentment to the fact that the day after I took over the guild, the old GM apparently put in an appearance. Hadn't been on in 8 months, and as soon as I deposed him it was like magic.

  2. Well icky guild politics and maneuvering is something different. I don’t know about Classic but on live if the guild master hasn’t logged on in two months...pretty sure that’s the can pop them out of there.

    1. They just added that a week ago to Classic, so I took advantage. But with the original GM back, I really don't want to deal with any drama. And besides, I spend almost all my time doing things with either Valhalla or pugging, so I don't really need the guild per se any more.