Thursday, May 6, 2021

The Maiden Voyage of the Loot Master

I should have taken screenshots.


I'd never performed any raid lead functions before, and I mean the "real" raid lead functions, not merely organizing the Mage Int buffs. But last night during our regular Zul'Gurub pug run* I assumed the role of Loot Master for the first time.

Courtesy of my new gig being part of a raid lead team, I knew I was going to have to learn this job anyway, so I figured no time like the present. I'd already been growing more and more concerned about the burnout that the pug Raid Lead had been facing, and I wanted to take on a greater role in her raids to make her job easier.

So last night's ZG run was a great testcase as to whether a) I could handle this technically, and b) I could handle this without getting too much stress.

While I realized that I wasn't going to be as smooth as she does it --she's been doing it for months-- I have no idea how she juggles all the hats on these smaller raids.


We spent about a half an hour before the raid working out the settings for the LootReserve add-on, which is what we use for our raids with the Soft Reserve loot system**, and then based on a quirk of Classic I had to assume the Raid Lead position and then grant her Assist so she could perform all of her 'regular' tasks.

It actually wasn't that bad.

It helped that the raid was composed of a mix of guildies (still feels weird saying that) and regulars, and they were very encouraging throughout the raid. The two other Mages stepped up to help out with managing the Int Buffs and taking care of other small things I'm used to doing, so it freed me to focus on the Loot Master's job.

Which actually contributed to my death at least once. 

I was busy looking at the reserves and whatnot in the approach to the spider boss while we were killing those spider packs. Since my mind was on that, I kept spamming Arcane Explosion and not paying attention to my threat levels. Naturally, I pulled threat and died.

"A Card in her natural habitat: eating dirt" was how I described it in Mage chat.

"What happened?"

"Died due to skitterer packs."


"Was busy looking at reserves, spamming AE, not paying attention."

"Yeah, that'll do it."

I died one or two more times, both of them directly related to me focusing on the Loot Master job, so I'm not terribly concerned. But given that I'm not exactly swimming in gold, that money spent on repairs did hurt.


Since I'll be taking this job going forward on the two 20 person raids, I'm sure I'll get better at this as time goes on. And I think I can do this when we get to BC and I graduate to the DKP tools we currently use in our progression raids. Of course, stakes about loot are a bit higher there, so hopefully I'll have this down enough to not cause any drama all by my lonesome.

*While technically it is a pug, this raid (as well as our Saturday BWL and Sunday AQ20 runs) has so many regulars from across several guilds that it's more of a semi-pug at this point. 

**If you're considering running Soft Reserve, the LootReserve Addon is AMAZING. For both raiders and the lead team. For raiders, you get a GUI that handles everything you wanted to do (so you don't overwhelm the Loot Master with requests to the point the LM's account is throttled by Blizz). For Loot Masters, you only have a half dozen settings to worry about without having to type out commands on the chat line. If it was all command line driven, it'd take forever.


  1. Hehe, I've been master looter for our community BWL and AQ40 runs for a while. It started because we wanted to ML sand and coffer keys, which meant setting the threshold to white and checking every single trash mob, which most people find very annoying. Not me, however! I have a reputation for feeling the urge to click on every sparkly thing on the ground and pestering the ML if he forgets anything, so it was a natural match.

    It definitely made me appreciate how many different things there are to juggle while leading a big raid though. I've noticed that any run where I'm master looting always seems to fly by, as I'm so preoccupied with my job that I don't really have the sort of downtime to get bored I would usually have. Also, you suddenly get a lot more people whispering you, whether they suddenly have second thoughts about passing on that item that went to DE, or because non-guildies assume that as ML you must be a guild officer (which I'm obviously not).

    1. Yes!

      For some reason I thought you'd a Master Looter type! Only I would have thought you'd have been involved with that sort of thing in SWTOR Operations rather than Classic raids.

      And oh yes, I got a LOT of whispers in our ZG run, but to be fair about half of them were whispers telling me I was doing a great job.

      As for the Guild Officer thing, I haven't had that happen yet, but I have been getting a lot of commentary from our (non-Valhalla) regulars congratulating me on joining. And on the pug instance runs I've been on I get whispers as to "What it's like in Valhalla?" and "Do you think they'd be okay with me adding an alt?" I send all of those latter requests on to the co-GMs...