Thursday, January 5, 2017

Welcome back, Mr. Kotter, what happened?

I've been away from the internet and gaming/blogger space --with a precious few exceptions-- for the past few weeks.

As you can see from my previous entry, I was around enough to have taken note of Carrie Fisher's passing. For someone who had such an incredible impact on our geeky lives*, the outpouring of grief and sadness on her passing was therapeutic.

And SWTOR was no exception:

Aside from Carrie's passing, I've been totally out of the loop of the MMO and gaming circles to an extent that I've not been in years. Not even during the Grand College Tour this past year did I just drop off the face of the earth, gaming-wise.

I did take advantage of a Steam gift card to buy a few items --such as The Witcher Trilogy in my typical way of waiting until the hype subsided before I pulled the trigger-- but I made a deliberate choice to not peruse any gaming news.

In a very real sense, I needed that break. I've found it increasingly difficult to simply stop paying attention to gaming news, even in my down time. Recharging my batteries by disconnecting was a good thing, and it also gave me a chance to reflect on the best part of gaming: being with friends and family who share a common interest.

On a closing note, there's one game that we got over the holidays that I am really excited to play. But it isn't a video game at all.

This is the Z Man 2009 revision of the 1985 classic.

*And while I was the perfect age for thinking Carrie Fisher was hot in Return of the Jedi, she wasn't a big crush of mine. Sorry, Ross from Friends. If you had to push me into naming a name from that immediate era, I'd have to go with Katdarina Witt, the East German figure skater.

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