Monday, April 29, 2013

Belsavis is Like Monday -- It Just Seems to Go On and On.....

Having only taken one toon to (what was then) max level on The Old Republic, I've been pleasantly surprised at how other class stories have been playing out.

I've just finished Chapter 2 on my Commando, which took far longer than I expected.  Having only the Smuggler to go on, I expected Chapter 2 to last fairly short, with an interlude at an off planet location.  The Commando's Chapter 2 disabused me of that notion, by finishing up in between Hoth and Belsavis.

It also surprised me for another reason:  I got to see my entire team in action.

That was never really an option in the Smuggler class story, so seeing my entire team storm onto the ship during the Chapter 2 story was a pleasant surprise.  And the end of that assault led to another surprise, which made it a bit hard on my next assignment.*

Still, I've found the stories in TOR to be enjoyable enough that I've been taking my time with them, enjoying each step of the way.

And now I'm looking Belsavis in the face; the one planet that I felt was never going to end.

I can now identify with how Lewis and Clark must have felt when they reached a high point in the Rocky Mountains, expecting a quick jaunt to the sea, and discovered that a huge mountain range --the Cascades-- lay before them.  Every time I thought I was reaching the end of the Belsavis questline, lo and behold there was another area to clear out.  Yes, the story was interesting, it was just spread out way too much.

That said, if you're playing a male smuggler, the ending to the class questline was very amusing.  "I thought you hated each other," Corso said to me.  So did I, but what do I know?  Apparently not enough.

But that ending is far enough in the future that I'm starting to wonder whether it's not a bad idea to go work on that Inquisitor questline for a while instead....

*Sorry, I'm not going to give away any spoilers.  They aren't big --like end of the Knight's Chapter 1 big-- but it did have an impact on me.


  1. It's all those Esh-kha, you keep getting missions to kill more of them long after you've had enough of them already...

    1. Yeah. I wish they'd give us a bit more lore out of the Esh-kha, since they were a race even the Infinite Empire feared...