Friday, May 3, 2013

...And Next on the Runway....

"Oh, I love your outfit!"

This announcement was made by a Bounty Hunter in the Cademimu flashpoint, right as we were buffing up.

"Who?" the other Bounty Hunter asked.

"Both you and Sree.  I love how you both look!"

I blinked.  I'm no fashion maven like Rades or Kamalia, as my rules for toon appearance can be boiled down to three words:  "no clown gear".*  My Inquisitor looked like a proper Sith in her hood and chest gear.  A bit plain, perhaps, but since I was still gearing up I didn't have much more than the chest and leg orange gear at the time.  I deliberately turned off the helm view, because I'm not in the mood of staring at a Jason or Scream lookalike for hours at a time.

The second Bounty Hunter spun around, showing off her gear.  "Thanks a lot!" she said.

"Thanks!" I added.

I considered that a unique situation until the other day, when I was getting ready for Warsong Gulch.  While skimming the team lists, I heard a telltale whisper sound.

"Nice mogging job," someone had pinged me.

I blinked.  Again.  "It's not mogged," I replied.  "It's all current gear."

"Really?  I'll inspect you and take some notes."

While I'm sure that I've been inspected before, it felt vaguely voyeuristic that someone wanted to see what my gear was for fashion purposes.

Maybe I ought to avoid Goldshire for a while until this whole fashion thing blows over.

*For example, I still think that Q's T9 Liadrin gear looked the best on him, even if it looked like a generic knight in shining armor.  To me, it just looked functional and cool.


  1. LOL,Here you are a fashion maven and you didn't even know it!

    While I do like mogging, my characters don't do any until they're level capped unless a piece of gear is SO heinous (Outland)that I'm distracted from playing because I'm staring in horror at them.

    1. Believe me, I'm not a big fashion maven. When I go into the office, I wear the standard oxford shirt and khaki pants. When I was a software engineer, my attire was jeans and/or shorts and a t-shirt.

      My toons are SO not like Rades' Fabulor; if it works, they wear it. If it looks like a clown suit, suck it up and deal with it.

      One item that The Old Republic uses to great effect is the "blend" option for gear. It's in the same menu that has "hide helm", but it allows your gear to have a similar color and look, so you get less of a cobbled together look and more of a professional appearance. Which works well, unless you're a smuggler or bounty hunter who just scrapes by on what he can find.... ;-)