Thursday, May 16, 2024

The Secret World Comes to the Tabletop

Anybody remember The Secret World?

The property that Funcom developed about three factions fighting against legends and myths and horrors?


Apparently the setting for The Secret World is coming to the Savage Worlds RPG.

Alas that this is just a screencap of the video on
Kickstarter. I couldn't figure out how to add it to 
this post.

The funny thing is that there's already a completed Kickstarter for a D&D 5e version of the setting, which I can't really wrap my head around. Yeah, you can make D&D 5e work for The Secret World, but does it really fit the ruleset? If I'd a choice, a system such as Savage Worlds --or maybe even converting Call of Cthulhu-- would work better. Savage Worlds is by far the more accessible ruleset, so I'm kind of glad the developer, Star Anvil Studios, went in that direction.

One caveat is that you don't get a print version of the game, but PDFs. You DO get the option to do a print on demand of the material (the amount varies according to the backer level) via DriveThruRPG at cost, which is a significant cost savings over what it would cost in retail. So... take that into mind should you make a pledge.

Still, it's kind of intriguing that The Secret World (The Secret World Legends in this case) has made it to Savage Worlds. It's the sort of setting that ought to thrive on the tabletop, and in a Savage Worlds environment.


  1. If only one had people to play tabletops with! :( *sniff*

    1. You know, that can be arranged. (Virtually speaking, anyway....)

    2. Indeed.....however, different timezones complicate things further :) I need to make another effort sometime to get some friends together at our house to play some old Talisman!

    3. Oooo.... Talisman.... That's always fun!

  2. I have the D&D 5E version. I wanted to support them so that they would be able to continue making content for the game since Funcom has, understandably, put the MMO itself into maintenance mode. I haven't had time to read through the rulebook yet, but the PDFs are on my tablet for later. :)

    1. I decided to support them on this edition, mainly on the strength of Savage Worlds fitting well into the Fantasy/Horror genre (East Texas University, Weird Wars, Deadlands, and Achtung! Cthulhu settings, for example).