Sunday, June 26, 2022

Blizz Cut the Ad Budget, I See

That snarky little comment is because of the WoW Classic announced XP buff for the four weeks prior to Wrath Classic's launch.

The buff's name?

Joyous Journeys.

Sometimes you can't just make this stuff up, because when I read that my first thought was "So... when you finish a Joyous Journey, is there a Happy Ending?"

In case you have no idea what a "happy ending" is, go look it up in the Urban Dictionary. I'll wait.

Okay, maybe I have a twisted sense of humor, but it just tumbled off the tongue so easily that someone inside Blizz just had to have pointed this out to management.


Humor aside, I suppose that's my cue to push forward and finish Card's journey to L70, because I want to complete that before I get any unintended "boosts" to her. I'd like to think that the Joyous Journeys 50% XP buff is going to be a clickable buff, but I kind of doubt it. 

For a quick update, Card is sitting at L69* and about 50% through to L70. Neve is presently breathing down her neck at L69 as well, and about 40% of the way through to the end. It's gonna be a race to see who finishes first, and it'll depend upon how busy I am early in the day when I tend to grind some mobs on Card. 

And Neve's brother?

The hormonal scamp is busy hanging out at Lord Saltheril's party in Eversong forest.

Sigh. Must be the hair.

But that's not all he's been up to. Apparently some of Neve's friends were unaware that her younger brother was all grown up...

I've had this conversation before with
friends of my own brother.

And he still carries good wishes from Neve's old Magistrix when he visits Fairbreeze Village.

*Yes yes, I know. Insert crude joke here.


  1. And here I am, still sitting at Level 69 after over a year I think, would just need to leave the Area 52 inn and quest in Netherstorm. Maybe a single afternoon would be enough. But I guess it's a sign I wasn't as enthusiastic as I thought - I've always found it weird if people stopped leveling just short of max level, same as leaving university or school just before graduating. Bit of a weird comparison but in the end, I've always been very much 'push through until it's over', even if it couldn't count less (like getting a toon to max-level), so maybe it's not so weird after all...

    1. Oh, I know people who definitely qualified under the title "smartest person I know who never graduated from college", so I get it. Enthusiasm is only one part of the puzzle, because leveling can be a grind. Especially when your quest log is filled with group quests.

  2. I had a fantastic weekend, finished levelling 3 toons, a paired Enh Shaman and Resto Druid, and my Ret Paladin. All three were 68 and felt great to ding 70 on the same day.

    Then the fun began, I took all 5 of my 70s through the world, cashing in on the Midsummer Fire Festival. Excel spreadsheet to keep track of each location, easy calculations and figured out that it's approximately 500 gold per toon at 70. Nice chunk of change for a few hours' work.

    Did a trip up to the Isle of Queldaras, starting the dailies there with warlock and priest combo. Most of the quests came back via memory but because those two hit 70 and I didn't do much with them, the choices of which quests to drop so that I could gather all the dailes... ah, the joy. It went through my mind that it was a lot like when I'd go from one expansion to the next, clearing out each toon's quest log to make room for the new quests.

    Now with the xp boost, perhaps it's time to get a hunter going. Don't have a lot of interest in a mage or rogue this time around, once on my alliance side toons appears to be enough for me.

    Then again, I am an altoholic, it just may happen anyway.


    1. I think I'll visit Quel'Danas once Wrath drops, so I can just explore without dealing with a ton of other toons --and the added pressure to do dailies-- although I did the routine back in Cataclysm.