Tuesday, January 25, 2022

Not a Bang, But....

We spent over 2 hours on Kael'Thas last night and couldn't bring him down.

Our best chance ended up being our first, where we got to 20% before enough healers went down that the rest of the raid started dropping due to attrition.

We had mind controlled people running in the raid, we had people dying early in Phase 1, we had people pulling threat in Phase 4, etc. etc. Stuff that I'd say --for a raid team that has been after K'T for 3+ weeks now-- shouldn't be happening. You can only expect healers to heal through so much, but making it worse and dealing extra damage to the raid? Well, we ran into our limit.

And that's how my progression raiding ended.


I was supposed to go next week, but since we decided on my replacement in the lead meeting after the raid, I said I'd sit next week out so that my replacement could get the Kael'Thas kill. I'd like to have a K'T kill myself, but with Hyjal incoming it made practical sense to let my replacement get the kill in so she could go to Hyjal with the rest of the raid.

So I moved myself to the bench for next Monday, and that's that.

I seriously doubt that I'll make it into Monday's raid, but every time in the past that I've been on the bench I did make it into the raid, so you never know. But I'm not counting on it.

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