Thursday, December 9, 2021

Fun is a Relative Thing

Next week, I'm going to flip the script.

I'm going to take my raid back into the Classic past and our first Throwback Friday Classic raid.

Instead of running Karazhan every Friday of the month --and struggling to keep the same number of tanks/healers-- every third Friday I'm going to run a Classic raid instead. The poll on the channel currently shows Blackwing Lair leading the vote, which means we'll need a few tanks with a fire resist set*, but given that Naxx was originally leading the poll I'm fine with that.

Still, this will be a new (old?) experience for me. 

I mean, I know what BWL is like. (The goblin packs alone make that obvious, you know.) But still, this will be a major endeavor, because I'll likely be leading a raid with a significant number of non-guildies for the first time. If our forays into Naxx for Atiesh completion is our guide, non-guildies will come out of the woodwork for a chance to go back to BWL and pick up various and sundry gear for RP purposes. And for the chance to get Neltharion's Tear, too.

So this will be my maiden voyage into 'herding 40 cats'. Ought to be fun, I suppose.

*Still need one, as far as I know. I can't assume we'll just overcome it by sheer force of will. Or idiocy.


  1. Hi Red;

    That's one of the most awesome parts of WoW, the ability to go back and do the same things, but with a different perspective. There's still a bit of challenge, as some mobs/bosses can give you a bit of trouble even 10 levels above. Yet, it's also more relaxed, fun and nostalgic.

    Enjoy the run Red, and don't worry about the pugs, I'm finding that people in Classic are a little more helpful, even if it's just holding their tongues if things don't go super smooth.


    1. It will definitely be an adventure. BWL is still leading.

  2. Ha! The best of luck to you and those cats! TotA

    1. Alas, it didn't happen. But I'll be trying next month!