Wednesday, July 1, 2020

This is Gonna Leave a Mark

So, this happened yesterday:

I didn't do nuthin'! I swear!

I was walking across a parking lot, going to get something for lunch, when I felt a pop in the back of my left knee, and then I hit the ground.

I found myself unable to put any pressure on the left leg, and so I hopped my way back to the car and drove back home. Later that day when my wife got off of work, we took a little trip over to an urgent care facility to have the knee checked out.

An x-ray revealed no broken bones, and the doc said "there wasn't anything crazy in there", so they gave me the brace and told me to rest, elevate, and compress for a week to see what happens.

Normally you'd think that this means more game time, but given that I game from a regular desktop PC, sitting at a desk, I'm not so sure about that. But we'll see how it works out.

So... um... yay?


  1. Oh no! Hope it heals OK. Knees are the worst.

    1. Well, it's actually healing, because I can hobble along without a crutch now. I can also stand and put the foot fully on the ground, which I certainly could not do on Tuesday. Can't walk yet, as there's still pain when I try to walk like normal. But I have more hope that I'm going to recover without needing surgery.