Sunday, June 28, 2020

Well, That's That

I've been intrigued by the impending release of Cyberpunk 2077, as I'd spent some time in the past* playing Shadowrun. A cyberpunk game set far enough in the future --but not too far-- to be intriguing? Yes, sign me up. However, I knew it was coming some time in the future, so I shelved my interest until the release date approached.

Then I saw the previews hitting social media, and noticed that it was almost completely in first person perspective.

A short time searching articles later, and I confirmed that the game was going to be only first person, except for a few short set pieces.

Well, scratch that game off of my list.


*Okay, the long past, as it was back in college when I was exposed to Shadowrun.


  1. I love Shadowrun and I'm playing it right now in a group, but some things have not aged well...

    First edition and most of the lore is from '89, so this year is actually nicely the half-way point between then and the early 2050s. Actually I'm amazed how well the Matrix thing still works, if you handwave wifi away. :)

    1. I look at Shadowrun the same way I look at the original Blade Runner: parts aged badly, but other parts were pretty damn prescient. Kind of like Neuromancer by William Gibson.