Thursday, October 31, 2019

Happy All Hallow's Eve from PC

On the ship to Theramore.

"Greetings, fellow women!!

I too am woman!!

Let us speak of woman things, as I wish to do so!!" 

::long pause::

"I hear that Theramore is ruled by a woman! Do you find this empowering?" 

(EtA: For the record, this was not a planned shot. It just simply happened. And the woman dressed up like Whitemane was busy crafting, so I was lucky enough to get the screencap in between her crafting.)


  1. Hail fellow woman! You certainly um, have me convinced of your womanhood. For Sure. No Doubt. Good day to you Madam.

    1. Thank you! We shall meet again later to discuss woman things, yes?

      (For some reason, I keep hearing Borat's voice when writing this.)