Monday, May 2, 2016

As the Old World Turns

When you have a Facebook group promoting your WoW "legacy server", like Nostralius has, you're not exactly hiding in plain sight*.

So, while it isn't exactly a surprise that Blizz eventually told Nostralius to shut it down, I am surprised at the latest news from the Nostralius front: the Nostralius team is scheduling a meeting with Blizzard at the Blizzard campus.

I can't imagine much coming out of the meeting, as Blizzard really holds all the cards here, but if this meeting does come out at least it gives them the opportunity to give the appearance of concern for what I'm going to dub the legacy community. I suppose I could call the pirates, or snobs, or whatever, but the reasons for wanting to play on a legacy server are likely as varied as reasons for playing on any MMO.

Well, outside of the "fun" part. I can't imagine anyone continuing to play for very long if they're not having fun.

But as for fun....

I'm in front of the Hobbit.

Some fireworks from the LOTRO 9th Anniversary event.

*I realize not everybody has a FB account, but if you don't you'll have to trust me that it really does exist.

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