Friday, May 20, 2016

A Short FYI

Google has gotten around to enabling https connections to PC and other Blogger sites.

Therefore, if you want a secure connection, you can use instead of the traditional http connection.

Carry on, good people, and Happy Friday!!


  1. Being not enough of a computer nerd, I still don't really understand why I would want to do that (even though I looked it up). The only thing I know is that this https enabling seems to disfunction with my coding to automatically size images to the width of blog posts. And it may have eaten my Recent Comments widget, too. *deep sigh*

    If you have any ideas on the matter, I'd love to hear them.

    1. With https, the data is sent over in an encrypted manner. That means that nobody can read the data if it's intercepted in transit. That comes in handy should you provide anything critical, such as passwords, over the connection.

      Regular old http is unencrypted, which works great if you've not anything critical being sent over the net.

    2. I ought to clarify that passwords, such as logged in passwords for Google or Facebook, would be something that might want to be secured.

  2. Interesting! Happy Friday Red! ^^