Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Well, whaddya know...

Remember this post??

About how I saw that Blizz was doing a naming purge and I'd considered subbing for a month just to keep the names alive.

Well, guess what appeared in my inbox a few days ago:

No electrons were harmed in the screenshot of this e-mail.

Sometimes you just can't make this shit up.

I mean, if I were to write this sort of coincidence in a novel, people would say "Hell, Redbeard, at least be realistic every once in a while!" But I've still got the e-mail to prove it exists.

What have I done with this opportunity?

Not much, if you consider accepting the free trial and keeping an eye on the PC as it downloaded 11 GB of updates "not much".

I've not actually logged in or anything. That also means I've not

  • found out if I've been purged from the (mostly dead) Alliance guild my toons were in. It has been a year since I last was subbed, after all.
  • discovered what my toons actually look like since they've been redone.*
  • checked to see what my (miniscule) friends list is up to.
  • ventured into a BG to watch the Alliance lose.**
Will I end up doing much of anything with this free time? Not likely, no. I doubt my frustrations with BG imbalance have suddenly changed, and if I were serious about returning to the game I'd start over with a new toon and level to 90 before buying Warlords, and by the time that happens Blizzard would be ready to drop their next expac.

But at least my stable of toons will survive the next purge, which is fine with me.

*Seriously, Turbine, you have to get better looking toons for LOTRO. At least make the toons look as good as the background scenery, please.

**Come on, some things never change.


  1. I must have been subconsciously thinking of the upcoming name purge this morning, too, because I spent an hour or so cycling through all of my lesser alts. I knew that I'd logged in with all of my characters in late December to pick up Winter Veil goodies, but I suppose I still wanted to make sure that they wouldn't get lost.

    1. I know, right?

      It sounds strange, since they're just electrons, but I've gone on adventures with these toons, and I'd hate to lose them.

  2. Wave! I saw Abernathy this morning, I said hi but he was too busy dealing with level one stuff to see it.

    1. Abernathy is my old bank alt, and I was perusing things to see what was in the bank after all this time. I then went away and accidentally autologged out.

      Oh well.

  3. As far as BGs go, according to this recent post from In An Age, the win ratio by faction has seen a very drastic reversal in the last twelve months...

    1. If that's true, and hopefully I'll find out sometime soon, then it more than likely means that the dedicated Horde PvPers have left the building. And really, most of the really hardcore PvPers out there were on the Horde side, so they had more to lose when the siren call of the MOBAs came along.