Saturday, June 27, 2015

Fading Away....

It's been a slow week.

Not much gaming going on, a whole lot of work going on, and no truly funny stories to mention.

Outside of the mini-Reds attempting to take down some bosses in Fornost in LOTRO, and on the first boss they did the exact opposite of what they should have done, which was to kill the adds. Even then, it was one of those "you had to have been there" moments.

I did think long and hard about potentially resubbing to WoW, however.

It feels odd that even after nearly a year away from the game I still think about it as much as I do. I'm not sure if that's necessarily a good thing, as it could be pointed out that's a sign of an addiction, but it is also likely that WoW is a game you simply can't ignore. It still is the reigning heavyweight champ in terms of MMO subs, and in my (extremely) unscientific survey the WoW blogs outnumber all of the other MMO blogs combined.

What made me think about resubbing? News that Blizzard was going to free up some more toon names that haven't been logged into since December 7, 2010.

None of my old toons would have been affected, but the thought of potentially losing them forever gave me pause.

Can't I at least get to keep Quel'delar?
I should have known this would happen. WoW is large enough that there's potentially truckloads of idle toon names out there, and a periodic purge would free up a lot of potential names. (Even the overused ones, such as 50 different iterations of Legolas for a Hunter's toon.) But as somebody who occasionally runs across his old character sheets from college, I find it hard to give up a toon that I've played for any decent length of time.

I think it likely that I'd have subbed just for one month, just to login with the various toons, and then let things be.

Then again, I didn't need to let things progress that far, so I don't know if I could simply keep it at that. And that is likely for the best.


  1. I know for me I tend to stay subbed because of the world, not the game play. I apparently pay them rent so I can visit Winterspring or the Stormpeaks and hang out.

    So far it's still worth it for me, as addictions go it's probably the most benign one I've had lol.

    1. Yeah, I'd do a lot of hanging out in Hellfire Peninsula and Eversong Forest. And the thing is, I know I'd not plan on purchasing the expac for at least a year, because it'll take me that long to level a new toon to L90.


  2. I think it's hard not to be curious about what's going on with WoW if you're still interested in MMOs in general. It helps that there are so many content creators for it out there, not just on blogs but also on YouTube etc. I mean, I'd love to see some more good community content for the games I play (and to be fair, SWTOR blogs have been doing well lately), but it can be hard to find much. So I still follow several WoW channels on YouTube for example, because seeing someone take apart the newest patch or something of the like can still be entertaining.

    1. True, that. It's extremely hard to miss WoW in our corner of the game world.

  3. Luckily I logged back for Draenor last November and realized that WoW really holds no spell over me anymore. ;) That said, it's a curious thing character names, I'd be reluctant to lose them too. If you've played an MMO for a long time as the same character on the same server, it leaves a legacy behind. I could lock back today and get old mates whisper me within five minutes.

    Did you and the mini-reds ever look into FFXIV by the way? I've a feeling you might enjoy that. Gameplay and world-wise, it has much in common with LOTRO imho.

    1. No, we haven't looked into FFXIV, but the mini-Reds are too hooked on LOTRO to give any other MMO (not named Star Wars) much consideration.