Monday, August 1, 2011

Moar Mounts

If you've seen one of these Winged Guardians...'ve seen them all.

They're the Sparkle Pony of Cata, or so it seems, but I haven't heard that much discontent out there about them.  Since they're not the sparkle version of "My Little Pony", I guess people are okay with them.

Well, I've a bone to pick with them.

Since Blizz enabled flying mounts to be used as ground mounts in BGs, I see them all the time.  Flying, you see them as they are above.  Running, here's what they look like:


Anyone up for a Shaggy Dog marathon?

EtA:  Both pics are links.  The mount pic is from Blizzard's web site, and the English Sheepdog pic is from a Reuters pic found on 


  1. We tend to poke fun at the guildies among us that bought the lion, but other than that I think the past has shown that the hundreds of thousands who want to shower Blizzard with money for that kind of thing speak louder than those of us who don't care for it. One can but shrug at the madness of it all. At least you don't see quite as many of these, though they are more annoying in a way since they are so overloaded with sparkles and glowies it actually kind of hurts my eyes.

  2. @Shintar-- I saw so many of the things around that I was starting to wonder if I was mistaken and they were the Dark Phoenix with an Uldum-esque look. (Thankfully, the Dark Phoenix is much cooler.)

    I guess in about 4-5 months Guardian will have moved on in the WoW public eye, but until then I guess I should get out some sunglasses.