Saturday, July 3, 2010

Just like Home Alone, but with Zombies!

The suggestion was innocent enough.

“Anyone up for Glory of the Hero?” one of my guild members asked. 

I had a few parts of that achievement to fill, so I said “Sure.” Others chimed in, and we quickly assembled a group.  Paladin as the tank, Shaman, Druid, and Quint as DPS, and Shaman as healer.

“A-N is out,” I said, “I just did that for my Daily.”

“How about CoT?” the tank suggested.

“Zombiefest? I’m game for that.”

We queued up while the healer read up on how to do the achievement. She relayed all of the information to us while we were handling the first few trash mobs. The goal is simple: kill 100 zombies in one minute. To execute the achievement, you have to first kite Salaam the Fleshcrafter (the caster boss) all the way into the Stratholme Town Hall, then you take your old sweet time beating him down. Once that’s done, you clear out the Town Hall portion of the instance. Then, send a player back through the front entrance to collect all of the respawned Risen Zombies and pull them back through the Town Hall and out the secret exit. Once that’s done, kill all of those kited zombies and the ones out front.

“This is going to make Zombieland look like a Disney movie!” she said.

Salaam was in rare form, constantly talking about needing samples, while the tank kited him into the Town Hall. “Just use Auto Attack,” he said.

I felt like a bot, watching Quint swing every couple of seconds. All for the cause, I suppose.

We dispatched Salaam, had dragonkin burgers for a light snack, and our DPS Druid went back through the front door to go get a few zombies.

Did I say a few?

When he came back, there was a huge stream of them following behind, like a John Carpenter version of The Pied Piper.

“Time to kick some zombie butt!”

Salaam wanted a sample? How about these samples!  That zombie splat sound was awfully sweet when you multiply it by, oh, say, a hundred or so.

Achievement gotten, we rushed on to take care of the last Infinite Dragonflight boss. We had just reached the gate when someone asked, “Hey, did we get Arthas?”

“Oh crap, we forgot him!” the tank cried.

“Well,” I said, “Arthas is eminently forgettable.”

Our Shaman DPS peeled off to go trigger our not-quite-worthy charge while the rest of us took out the boss with only seconds to spare. (I still think that we should let Arthas die, but that’s just me.)

“Crap!” the Shaman said. “They all respawned!”

“Hang on!” the tank replied. “We’ll get there.”

Too late. The Shaman and Arthas bit it before we could get through the gate.

“This has got to be the stupidest CoT run I’ve ever been in,” the DPS Druid said. “We get the achievement but forget Arthas.”

“This is just like Home Alone,” I said, “but with zombies.”

Because Arthas died, we had to go back through all the respawned trash, rez our Shaman, retrigger Arthas, and then fight the exact same trash again.

Samples, anyone?


  1. I've actually never been game to find out what happens if Arthas dies in CoT.

    LOL Achievements > Arthas anyway :D

  2. @Cassi: He respawns, just like Bran does in Halls of Stone.

  3. @Cassi: Actually, I did miss another amusing thing. We were waiting for the tank before the fight (she was drinking), and she laughed. "Hey Quint, your hair is red!"

    I checked out the "human" character Quint had morphed into for CoT. "Just like in real life," I replied.

  4. I have always wanted to try for that achievement but still have yet to do it!

    And since you mention the human forms, I will throw out this question I have always wondered... if you are already a human, do you retain your same model in CoT?