Wednesday, March 31, 2010

To do:

I've been accomplishing quite a few things on my "things to get done before Cataclysm" list.

Kill all of the Alliance faction leaders and obtain a black warbear
Become a grand master in fishing
Become a grand master in cooking
Raise unarmed weapon skill to 400
Get the classic raider achievement completed
Get the classic dungeon master
Get the outlands dungeon master
Get the outlands raider achievement completed - need a bunch still
Get the Champion of the Frozen Wastes completed
Get the Glory of the Hero Completed
Do a successful OS 3D - had some very very close attempts
Obtain any color Protodrake
Get the of Orgrimmar title
Get the Orgrimmar tabbard
Kill the Lich King - Working on it though!
Find a guild to experience current raid content with
Get my exploration achievements done - so much stuff I missed out on exploring while leveing being a DK

So, what's on your to do list?

1 comment:

  1. Well, my list is pretty short:


    Everything else --achievement-wise or not-- flows from those two goals. I didn't have the gear to achieve Loremaster with minimal assistance, so I've been running 5-mans to up my gear. I need to keep my money flowing to afford repairs/upgrades to my gear, so I've been working on my Mining/JC/AH stuff.

    To achieve Seeker, I'll need to complete a bunch of instances in the classic and BC areas, so I've started soloing those instances. Along the way, I'm sure I'll end up with the Ambassador achievement because of the rep bonuses from doing achievements. Diplomat probably won't happen because it will take a lot of grinding to get that, but that's okay.