Thursday, March 25, 2010


I haven't posted this yet, so I thought I would mention my user interface.

Addons I use:

  • AtlasLoot - Lets me see who drops what gear as well as crafted gear and the materials to make them
  • Chatter - Chat window mods that make it much smoother and look better
  • Dominos - Get rid of the ugly standard wow hotbars and lets you gain more screen real estate
  • MikScrollingBattleText - I like this one better than the build in version of this
  • Omen
  • PitBull Unit frames - clean looking and very customizable.
  • Recount
  • SexyCooldown - seen just above my hot bars, it gives a nice indication how long until skills are usable again
  • Threat Plates - turns name plates green, and shrinks the size of them when I have aggro, and when I don't have aggro, it makes them large and red. Great mod for a tank to yank back a runner (this is an option for Tidy Plates)
  • Tidy Plates - Cleaner looking name plates

Basic layout

UI in action:


  1. Interesting.

    Where do the rest of the party nameplates live when you're out running raids/instances?

  2. They appear in the top left corner as small as possible. I'm no healer, and I can't debuff anybody, so all I need is to see who's still alive.