Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Topped out

I've reached the plateau with the game where I can no longer advance with out getting frost badges and doing raids, or saving up roughly 10,000 gold for a crafted item from the new recipes. Beyond that, the content I currently have available to me is pretty much the following:

  • Vault of Archavon 10 & 25 man raids, which is two boss kills (PUG groups only kill two bosses out of four, at least on my server)
  • Weekly random raid quest - 10 man raid to kill one boss only in a random raid
  • One daily heroic for two frost badges
Do I really NEED to advance my gear to do any of this? No. If I'm doomed to a life of running heroic dungeons and PUG raids, my gear is good enough. So what's the point?

I really like gearing up my tank, making him the strongest possible character to tackle what ever dungeon or raid I can get into. Tanking TOC 5 man for the first time was a trip. Facing the cries of the elitists telling me my gear is too bad, my health is too low. But, I've always risen to the occasion, and was able to hold my own.

However, I'm actually pretty frustrated, now, with the situation.

So find a guild on your server, start PUG raids, or start your own guild you say?

Firstly, the server I'm stuck on currently is a west coast server. I'm an east coast kinda guy. Why am I on that server? Blizzard screwed me. My original east coast server was so packed after the game launched, they opened transfers off the server to a lower population server. So instead of facing a line of 45 minutes to even LOG IN, the wifey and I jumped ship and moved on over. Which, was not a big deal, as a LOT of others did the same thing. As a result, we had a decent balance of east and west coast players. This does not seem to hold true anymore. I've been hitting the server forums every day at lunch looking for recruitment posts, and all of the guilds posting do raids until about 1am my time. Uh.... right.

Why don't I start PUG raids? I'm not that brave. I am a supervisor at work and I don't want to have to do the same thing in the game I choose to play to relax.

Why don't I start my own guild? I have. I used to game with a bunch of guys from work. I only play with one guy now, because he said he was bored and wanted something to do during the winter. I'm actually relieved I no longer game with them, as that led to nothing but DRAMA. And as stated previously, I'm a supervisor at work. I don't want to have to be a babysitter in the game I play to relax.

All I want is a guild that actually has the capability to do raids together and a chance to even SEE the content I'm paying $15 a month to miss out on.

I have the sinking feeling, though, I will not find this on my server.

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  1. To follow this up, I was able to experience some of the raid content in this expansion. I saw Obsidian Sanctum, Eye of Eternity, and Naxramas. I wanted to stay as more of a casual guild, and the rest of the guys wanted to get more into raiding. We ended up parting ways and they went on to jump in to raiding pretty heavily, only to get burned out shortly there after and quit the game themselves.

    I came back to the game right about the time TOC was released, and I missed out on all of Ulduar, TOC 10 & 25 man, I have yet to to see ICC.

    In the Burning Crusade expansion, I never made it past Kara (the very first raid) with that group of guys, and we focused on pvp.

    It wasn't until recently that I actually got to see Black Temple and kill (and tank, WOOT!!) Illidan. Yes, Illidan, I wasn't prepared.

    I don't want this to happen yet again. I don't wanna be bored one day in Cataclysm and finally get the chance to do a PUG group to kill Arthas.

    In vanilla wow, I was experiencing content at an appropriate level. I cannot tell you the elation that was felt when the guild took down Lucifron (first boss in Motlen Core) after 14 attempts, and having to re-clear the trash mobs on the way TO Lucifron like 3 times, which was quite the chore back then.

    We made it all the way through Black Wing Lair, and were starting to progress through An Quiraj 40 when the Burning Crusade expansion hit and I quit the guild to join up with what amounted to a bunch of fails from work.