Wednesday, January 20, 2010

An Open Letter to Blizzard

Dear Blizzard--

When your character is going through the Storm Peaks questline that ends up with a warbear, either show the entire picture of the Brunnhildar warrior maiden disguise or your regular character in the Armory picture. Putting the warrior maiden and then covering her up in armor is a mite bit disconcerting, since it looks like Quint had a sex change operation.


The Management


  1. You seem to be back to normal now.

    Boy, that sure was as scary time for Quint.

    I'm glad you're normal again. An intervention on this would have been ugly...

  2. Ha. He's not in the warrior maiden area. When he goes south the rune enchantment disappears, and he's back to normal. When I go north again I'm sure to see it once more.