Monday, January 18, 2010

How long is too long?

To set the stage for this question...

3.3 is released and the battered hilt item is available. I was excited to learn that you can actually get a great weapon with out having to do raids. Plus, I remember warriors from my first raiding guild taking great lengths to farm up for the book drop that started the quest for the Quel'Sarrar.

It was a pretty cool quest line that gave a unique item that just LOOKED cool. I was always disappointed that rogues (my main back then) never got a similar quest line.

Anyhow, 3.3 is released and the drop rate for the battered hilt that starts the quest for this sword is bugged, and Blizzard had erroneously set the drop rate at 10%. They quickly adjusted it in time for my gear to get good enough to run the new heroics though, and it's back down to 1%.

So, back on topic: I have now killed Scourgelord Tyrannus 30 times, and the last boss in the Forge of Souls roughly the equal amount of times, just slightly less.

I know these instance well enough to describe every pull in vivid detail. In fact, I'd say on the average run through the Pit of Saron, there is roughly 36 trash mobs I have to clear that actually have a chance of dropping the hilt, give or take a few depending if people are doing the quest in there on their first run through. And the average Forge of Souls run you clear roughly 31 trash mobs that could possibly drop the hilt.

On my combined runs thus far, I have killed roughly 2,010 mobs that have a chance at dropping the hilt. And I HAVE seen two hilts drop, but lost the rolls (as per my usual stacked dice... they're just stacked against me).

So I ask, how long is too long? How many more times can I throw myself at the mercy of tanking for random pugs hoping that a hilt drops and I actually win... Which by the way my chance of getting a hilt and actually winning would be .02%. How depressing is that?

Not as depressing as the thought of subjecting myself to further torture by means of PUG.


  1. So THAT's the reason why I always see you in the Pit of Saron when I'm out questing away.

  2. So wouldn't you know it. I did a forge run tonight and the hilt dropped. I lost the roll...

    RNG can be a real bitch.