Monday, October 1, 2018

Fortnite's Big Break

You know that you've "made it" as a politician, celebrity, or sports figure if you're skewered on Saturday Night Live.

For the uninitiated, Saturday Night Live (or SNL) is on the US broadcast network NBC at 11:30 PM on Saturday nights and lasts until 1:00 AM Sunday morning. Yes, it's a live show, and it began in October 1975 and has been on television ever since. The cast is constantly evolving as people join the crew, stay for several years, and move on to do other things. Stars such as Dan Ackroyd, John Belushi, Chevy Chase, Bill Murray, Eddie Murphy, Tina Fey, Amy Proehler, Will Ferrell, Sarah Silverman, and many others got their big break on SNL.

Well, I knew that Fortnite was big, but not SNL type big, until tonight. Guest Host Adam Driver is the "dad" in the Fortnite skit:

At least I've never been that bad in video games, but I can attest that my own dad would have been that bad.

Between myself and Ancient, I guess we've got the "old man" aspect of video games covered....


  1. It really hit me to realise that someone born in 1972 would now be the right age to be a middle-aged dad. That's only three years older than my brother! Just doesn't seem right.

    Also, everyone in that skit was way too patient and polite. We all know how people would really react to someone this clueless getting them killed. :P

    1. Welcome to my world. I was alive to have watched the moon landing, although "watched" is kind of a stretch given that I was a month old at the time.

      Oh yeah, I thought that they were too patient as well, but I doubt they'd have been allowed by the FCC* to show what really goes on.... ;-)

      *Federal Communication Commission.

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