About Satyana

Satyana has been playing WoW since November 2007.  She started out as a Blood Elf Priest... not knowing anything about the game.  She had hoped to stay Shadow when she hit 70, but was forced into healing.  After dinging 70, she went on a few Kara runs with her guild Reawaken on Norgannon.  After about a month or so, some guildies, including her boyfriend at the time, suggested re-rolling Alliance on a server that was just opened - Cairne.  She agreed and re-rolled a Draenei Priest named Stellah.  After the long grind back to 70, she continued her journey as a Holy Priest raiding through Kara, Mag/Gruul, SSC, TK, and BT.  Unfortunately didn't get a chance to raid Sunwell until after Wrath was released.  She changed her name from Stellah to Luxy prior to Wrath's release due to some guild drama - She wanted to take some time away from the game and left the guild she was in (Pro) - after she left the guild she was bombarded with whispers telling her that leaving would be the biggest mistake of her WoW career.  LOL.  Yes... her WoW Career.  For awhile, she stayed out of the lime-light and just enjoyed playing WoW.  Not worrying about raid leaders screaming at her in vent.

Of course, the raid bug began itching again and she formed a guild with some friends named Ruinous.  She ran the guild to the best of her abilities - gearing up members through 10man Naxx, EoE, and OS.  She wanted to see 25man content so she worked out a Co-Op with the #2 guild on the server, Dementia.  After a few months of co-oping, motivation in Ruinous started to lack.  Less people seemed interested in raiding and wanted to just socialize in guild chat or spam trade.  She made the difficult decision to leave the guild and was offered a place in Dementia.  After a few months in Dementia, her raid time became less and less.  Unfortunately for her, the raid leader, who shall remain nameless (-ahem- Krylar) thought she was a baddie and didn't care for her.  Always being told to stay online because she may be needed... well... that didn't last long.  She began looking for a new home - scouring the Recruitment Thread on the WoW Forums.  She was greeted with many offers from many guilds on different servers.  After choosing Driven, she transferred to Cenarius.  She was welcomed with open arms and quickly moved up in the ranks - she was promoted to Priest Class Lead.  She completed Ulduar10 and 25 as well as all hardmodes in 10man except for the last 2 - Firefighter and One Light in the Darkness.  She also quickly progressed through ToC 25, ToC 10, and ToGC 10.  While making attempts in ToGC25, she realized things weren't going well.  Night after night, the guild was wiping on the first boss encounter.  It wasn't because it was lack of DPS, Heals, or the Tanking... She realized it was lack of knowledge of the basic mechanics of the game - "Don't stand in shit".  She gave the guild some more time to get the hang of it, but after another month of wiping due to the same mistakes, she decided to take time away from raiding.  It wasn't fun anymore.  

She faction changed to an Undead Priest and transferred to Area 52 where she now calls home.  After a few months of just running around, leveling a paladin, and running a few random heroics, she discovered Reawaken on Norgannon had transferred to Area 52.  After quickly doing a /who Reawaken search, she found her old friend and GM, Bubbs.  She messaged him and rejoined the guild that night.

Unfortunately, Satyana's stay with Reawaken wasn't what she was hoping for.  She left Reawaken and formed Disrupted with several people.

In Real Life, Satyana is a 29yr old (forever 29!) living in Fort Worth, TX.  She spent 4 years in Chicago and a short period of time in New York.  Currently works for Catastrophe Management Solutions.  No children, not married.