Wednesday, October 27, 2021

Alas, BlizzCon...

Under the heading of "no surprise", Activision Blizzard announced the other day that there will be no BlizzCon in 2022.

The suits apparently need to spend time on how to reimagine BlizzCon and make it a more inclusive event, but aside from what the press release says I'd be mildly surprised if we ever see another BlizzCon again. Part of BlizzCon is a celebration of Blizzard's output, part of it is about Blizzard patting itself on the back, and part of it is for the fans of Blizzard's games. But when a massive misreading of the fanbase ("Do you not have phones?") or controversy (Google "Blitzchung and Hong Kong") are what is remembered from 2 of the last 3 BlizzCons, I find it hard to believe that Activision Blizzard is going to set themselves up for more (and well deserved) controversy with the ongoing lawsuits and corporate culture problems.

And to be fair, the company has a lot more problems than just "how do we make BlizzCon work?" If nothing else, the Activision side of things --or the corporate bean counters-- will likely try to kill off BlizzCon as "a waste of money". Because that's what they do.


  1. I never attended and more than likely never would have but the thought of there being a BlizzCon is so sad to me. I'm sure you're right about the "waste of money" thinking.

    And then, just to annoy me further we were looking for movie the other night and neither of us had seen Moneyball so rented it. Great! This looks good, um, wait, noooooo. Bobby Kotick is playing the team's OWNER MY GOD is nothing sacred!

    1. I thought you were pulling my leg until I went back into IMDB, and burn me if you weren't right! That IS Bobby Kotick!!