Wednesday, September 12, 2018

In Other News....

Although it was not as directly impactful to me as Wildstar shutting down, there was other MMO news last week: EVE Online developer CCP was sold to Pearl Abyss, the developer of Black Desert Online.

I found it somewhat amusing that the EVE Online fans --who play in a cutthroat open universe PvP game-- are looking askance at this buyout. After all, isn't a buyout perfectly in line with EVE Online's gameplay?


  1. I know it's been on the market to be sold for awhile, but to me it's surprising to have been bought out by the Black Desert folks. This is a game I have been curious about, but have never managed to get in and play at all. I'm watching TAGN for all the juicy details.

    1. I'm just amused by the whole thing. The same behavior that some vocal EVE fans would applaud in-game they're vilifying in real life.

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