Monday, February 12, 2018

Monday Musings: Speed Running Cademimu

I've been in Cademimu more than enough times over the years. While it's not my favorite SWTOR flashpoint, it makes for a nice urban setting and a pretty straightforward grind.

Cademimu is one of those flashpoints that lend itself to some judicious speed running as well.

If you know the drill, speed running past the group just after the second boss saves you a bit of needless fighting, and if you've the right skill you can hack a shuttle to bypass a lot of the trash leading up to that second boss. You can also bypass a ton of trash right before the bar scene early if you choose the right path through the trash.*

But what I wasn't prepared for was that final stretch of trash leading up to the final boss being speed run.

In retrospect it makes sense: you run all the way to the end boss location, wait for the trash to drop aggro, then you double back to pick off the few enemies on the way to Light Side/Dark Side choice location. But still, I wasn't equipped with any extra speed boosts** so I kept lagging behind the rest of the group, with the trash nipping at my heels. No, I didn't die from the trash (came close, however) but it felt disconcertingly like some speed runs in WoW's Halls of Lightning I've been involved with.

If this was what a Cademimu run is like these days, I have to wonder what Taral V and Maelstrom Prison are like.

*One of our team --not me-- accidentally aggroed a bunch of trash when running through that section, and we had to double back to fight them off before one of the droids showed up. Yes, for the record, we were running four DPS, so if even one of us were healing or tanking this would have been much easier. I might need to dust off my healing capabilities and see if I can start doing that again. Not sure if I want the stress that comes with healing, however.

**Outside of the temporary speed boosts that Inquisitors/Councillors have, that is.


  1. Ah yes, the infamous Cademimu run. I actually ran into that one in one of my Pugging episodes (relevant link here), where we wiped when three of us thought that we were charging into the next group, while the tank was just barrelling right through and running through to the end, leaving us with nothing but aggro on five different trash pulls.

    While I generally prefer to fight instead of bypassing things, this one is particularly annoying because you're not so much bypassing things as running for your life and hoping that everything'll reset - which means that if it doesn't work and someone dies, you have to run back and kill everything with one man down anyway.

    Fortunately I don't see that many groups trying that one, or at least not without checking first that everyone's OK with it. Communication is more important than everything else.

    1. Yeah, communication is pretty much paramount on a speed run such as that.